David Bondo


Bondo began his journalism journey from the age of three when he was ardent radio listener KBC kiswahili service purely for news and sports. He admired veteran presenters and soccer commentators Jack Oyoo Sylvester, Leonard Mambo mbotela, the late Billy Omala and Mstafa iddi. Bondo love for Kiswahili language developed in the village despite being surrounded people who 'hate speaking Kiswahili'. He began acting as Radio news anchor and doing soccer commentary imitating the above listed broadcasters when he was in class five to secondary. And now he is a professional journalist. To see his dream come to pass after the death of his mother in November 5th, 2005, Bondo chose to do soccer commentary in tournaments and school games to get school fee that he paid for himself and younger sister Pauline who is now a secondary teacher. He got this name 'CAPTAIN' when he was his secondary school news reporter. Bondo is a husband and a dedicated father. He is a catholic. He likes sports and sports more so soccer commentary. He fears snakes and  dislikes politics most. At radio Nam Lolwe Captain as he is preferably called, he Loves doing sports program and sports news most, then Anchoring News and production. To David Bondo Radio journalism is a call and talent.


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